How often should I clean my filters?
  • Heavy cooking with lots of oil = each week
  • Busy kitchen = fortnightly
  • Standard filter cleaning = once a month
  • Less busy = at least quarterly
Do you offer a regular weekly or monthly service or do I need to call each time I want my filters cleaned?

We put all our jobs on a recurring schedule so once it’s organised you don’t have to think about it. Our friendly technician will arrive and replace/ exchange your grease filters without you needing to call.

How often should the full system be cleaned?
  • Heavy cooking with lots of oil = quarterly or more frequent
  • Busy kitchens = 6 monthly
  • Standard kitchen extraction cleans = annually
Do you provide certificates for BWOF and insurance?

Yes – we specialise in compliance to ensure low fire risk, insurance cover and BWOF is up to date. Our suggested cleaning cycle will ensure your system stays compliant throughout the year and within government legislation and local requirements.

Can I bring my filters to you to clean?

 Yes – you are most welcome to drop off at our depot in the heart of Ponsonby for a same day turnaround – 26A Williamson Ave, Ponsonby.

Do you clean the full system?

Yes – we clean the full kitchen extraction system from filters, hoods and flues, right through to the fan on the roof. We can even ensure your fan is serviced and kept in top condition.